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Nr ISSN 2657-8484 - online

Bulletin RDCWBP has been edited since 1960. Scientific articles, statistical studies, information on conferences and trainings, translations from foreign literature and other sources play an important role in educating professional staff in Poland and in disseminating general knowledge on issues related to the wood-based panels industry.

Bulletin RDCWBP is published every six months by Research and Development Center for Wood-based Panel sp. Z o.o. in Czarna Woda The journal is addressed mainly to specialists in the wood-based panels industry, technological staff, scientists, PhD students and students, as well as to other readers from related disciplines who focus their attention on various issues related to the processing and processing of wood. All scientific papers in the journal are peer-reviewed.

Field of interest:

  • wood-based materials technology
  • surface finishing of wood-based panels
  • wood recycling
  • glues, gluing
  • mechanical processing of wood materials,
  • wood-based composites
  • wood-based panels in furniture and construction
  • wood chemistry
  • chemical processing of wood
  • organization, management, economics

From 2019, each scientific paper in the Bulletin RDCWBP receives a DOI number and is assigned to the scientist's ORCID. Identifiers are used to recognize citations and link them to the original publications. Their use is recommended by the databases of scientific journals (e.g. Web of Science, Scopus).


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